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We can prototype new designs at incredible speed thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our global expertise and delivering via our local teams.



Etched Parts in Telecommunications Industry

Writer: admin    Source: SinoGuide Team    Date:2016-05-26

SinoGuide provides precision photo etched parts and components to the telecommunications industry.

 SG-Etch provides precision photo etched parts and components to the telecommunications industry

China Photo Etchingcompanies can save you up to 30% on your next medium to high run etching production.


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Etching A Diverse Range Of Products For Less  

We can produce new designs & special design patterns as customers request. Photo etching set up cost are minimal when compared to costly hard tooling, using laser direct imaging to transfer the mesh pattern onto the material. Special features and differing aperture shapes can be incorporated in a single mesh without cost penalty. Varying bar sizes(from as small as 20µm) and open area ratios can be incorporated to control flow rates across the mesh. Our photo etched meshes can be produced in sizes up to 600mm 600mm .

International & Asian Etch Companies

With an entire department is dedicated to the production of custom and standard Step Lids & Flat Lids, including lids with getters for hydrogen and moisture absorption, SinoGuide literally has thousands of standard lid tools available to meet almost every common specification; we also specialize in manufacturing custom lids (with a one-time tooling charge, which may be absorbed on large-volume orders). Our standard base material for lids is etching-grade iron-nickel-cobalt alloy, but in addition we can etch lids from many other materials, including nickel-200, stainless steel, and cold rolled steel. Numerous plating and finishing options are available, including gold plate, electrolytic nickel, and electroless nickel. Selective plating is also available upon request. With our large in-stock inventory of materials, SinoGuide offers the fastest turn-around time for precision lids in the industry.

Our companies work 24/7 providing fast, high quality etch production and extremely reliable service but at significant savings. 

Why Photo Etch In China With SinoGuide?

Wet etching uses liquid etchants with wafers immersed in etchant solution, wet etch is cheap and simple. The photo tool lends itself to a multiplicity of designs whereas multiple images of the same or different designs can be incorporated into the photo tooling. The same photo tool used to produce prototype quantities can be used for higher volume runs to provide precise reproduction of the required design during production runs.
Gaskets Custom Conector Gasket
Since the PCM process “dissolves” metal during parts formation, edge burrs do not exist. Nor does it alter the metal characteristics, as is the case with laser cutting or the EDM processes (recast layer) therefore; costly and time consuming de-burring processes are eliminated.

Because the metal is dissolved during the PCM process, the original characteristics of the metal such as hardness, grain structure, magnetic properties and ductility are not changed during the process. The metal characteristics are the same from the beginning to end of the process, resulting in Burr Free, Stress Free, Strain Free parts in any temper of material.

Over the years we have developed strong relationships with a number of customers all over the world.

You Receive Actual Products Proofs & Bound Samples

We want you to see your end product at the proof stage therefore we provide you with actual press proofs (try to get these in your local market!) and bound book samples!

We know that timeliness is critical. Designing new products and solutions from scratch is all very well, but the designs need to be proven in real world situations. And they need to be proven fast. That’s where Laird’s capabilities are truly world class, and where we continue to invest in our service. We work with our customers at the earliest stages of the design cycle. From an initial concept we can prototype new designs at incredible speed – sometimes even within 24-hours – thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our global expertise and delivering via our local teams.

SinoGuide will take care of all of the production details from prototyping through customs and delivery to your door. We make etch overseas easy and profitable for you.

SinoGuide manufactures a complete line of standard Etched Parts EMI shielding products in Telecommunications Industry, including all sizes, shapes, compositions, mounting options and seal types.

1 Board Level Shielding
2 Custom Gaskets
3 Face Plates
4 Connector Gaskets
5 Low Profile Shielding
6 Spring Fingers
7 Springs
8 Spacers
9 Shims


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