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 Our 5,000 square-foot state of the art design and manufacturing center is conveniently located Dongguan, China. SinoGuide is a global provider of Telecommunications and Automotive Parts, Medical Device and complex electronic assemblies for commercial and military applications. 

ISO 9001 , Quality Control System

 Innovation, performance and customer satisfaction are SinoGuide's guiding principles. We understand the importance of ISO9001 total traceability for our administration system as part of your quality audit process. Therefore, Our IT team have developed a new business management system in a universally accessible "filemaker" format that enable us to trace every step of your inquiry and manufacturing order in finite details . Our intention is to make this new system accessible to all customers by registering at some point in the future as part of the rolling development and continual improvement approach to our photo chemical etching service. This will allow immediate access to historic manufacture, previous orders and copies of the manufacturing QA inspection reports.

ISO 9001 system Certification

Etching Specialty Materials

We have multiple etching lines and 100% in-House capabilities to produce top-quality stainless steel stencils. We build both solderpaste and epoxy stencils, and many special application stencils. Titanium etching, Tungsten etching and etching of other extremely corrosion resistant materials, such as Nitinol, Elgiloy and Molybdenum, enable Sg-Etch to produce complex parts for medical tools and implants. Copper Alloys, BeCu, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Nickel and Nickel Alloys, Silver, Spring Steels, Polyester & Polyimide Film are also etched.

The Products Forming and Finishing

Photo Etching In China – The Best Choose!

A World Leader in photo chemical etch parts developing, designing and advancing etch solutions for top OEMs/ODMs. SinoGuide manufactures formed parts by combining photoetching, used for blanking, with inexpensive or universal tooling, used for forming. This method produces burr-free parts in intricate and complex designs and shapes. It also makes it possible to prove your design in preproduction quantities without having to commit to expensive, progressive die tooling. Visit our Flat Design Guide and Formed Design Guide for complete specifications.



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