Photo Chemical Machining (PCM)

The photo-etching process lends itself to such applications allowing for a series of complex designs, mesh patterns, and logos to be fabricated simultaneously, in a single machining operation. The process also boasts burr-free openings to micron tolerances and high definition surface engraving. The ability to change grille patterns with minimal tooling costs is a further benefit during the design and development phase.

Photochemical Machining Overview

Photochemical machining provides a fast, flexible and relatively inexpensive way to produce a wide variety of precision metal parts.
Sinoguide is a leading developer and manufacturer of products in the field of photochemical etching.

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Photo Etching Materials

A wide range of materials are suitable for chemical etching. Some examples are various Coppers, Brass, Nickel, Stainless Steel, Kovar, Spring steel, Invar, Monel and more. SG prides itself on being able to utilise the widest range of materials, including those metals considered to be difficult to photo etch by conventional means.

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simple Chemical Etching

Chemical Etching Advantages

Very simply, chemical etching is a process used to remove material (metal) by way of masking an area with a protectant (photo resist) and then submerging the material into an etchant (acid) to remove the material that has not been protected by the photo resist - Complex designs are simple to produce

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main markets served

Main Markets

Chemical etching is in use in a wide variety of industries. Aerospace, semiconductor manufacture, automotive, military, and medical are just a few industries that benefit from the chemical machining technology.

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The Photo Etching Process

The etching processis a chemical milling process used in manufacturing to cut flat sheet metal profiles quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

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Design Guide

All dimensions, tolerances and configurations are functions of the thickness of the material being photo etched and should be considered during the design process.

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