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Etching Stainless Steel Mesh for Electronic Parts

Product Presentation
Stainless Steel Mesh Etching

Material: SUS302, 304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel plate, Low carbon steel plate, Aluminum alloy plate,Copper plate,brass plate

Thickness: 0.30mm - 6.0mm or customized etched stainless steel sheets

  • material size:
  • Width : 1000mm,1220mm,1500mm or as customized
  • Length:1000mm-6000mm or as customer's request

  • Mesh Size:0.25mm-200.0mm
  • product type :Etching stainless steel mesh for electronic parts
  • Etching process : coating photoresist -- exposure -- developing -- etching -- stripping - drying
    other Process: printing/etching/die casting/stamped etc.

Etching: 1 side, 2 sides

Applications for Stainless Steel Photo Etching:

Stainless steel is a versatile metal that is used for a variety of products in every industry. SinoGuide etches stainless steel springs for aerospace components, flat-wires for medical catheters, covers for telecommunication circuit boards and surgical cutting tools.

Our Advantage in Photo Etching:

  • 1. More than 10 years of manufacturing experience & good reputation.
  • 2. High quality of products, stress- and burr-free metal products.
  • 3. Industrial use and special applications, unique precision.
  • 4. Various series
  • 5. Best price
  • 6.We supply high quality products for customers & keep in developing new products.
  • 7.We can produce new designs & special design patterns as customers request.
stainless steel mesh

Etching stainless steel mesh for electronic parts, Etching stainless steel mesh, etchingelectronic parts
Etching stainless steel mesh for electronic parts

Photochemical machining or Chemical Etching has the ability to produce complex geometries within very strict tolerances and the good news is that increased part complexity is very rarely a cost driver.
How quickly do you need your parts? Sinoguide can deliver. We offer a menu of delivery Lead Times from which you can select. 




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